What is the Future of Content Writing? [& the Involvement of AI]

Written by :  Linda
Published on : June 12, 2023

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What is the future of content writing now that artificial intelligence, or AI, can produce convincing material? Should website owners use AI for their blogs and pages, or will that hurt your business?

There is still high demand for valuable, engaging content writing, especially when creating websites. Professional writers offering polished material in a niche industry are vital for SEO and converting visitors to customers.

Whether you’re a website owner or writer, you must understand the future of content writing. For site owners, knowing how search engines respond to AI ensures you make the best choice for your business. Content writers should also understand how to stay relevant in an industry affected by AI.

With this in mind, keep reading to discover the future of content writing and how AI affects the industry. Also, if you’re concerned about your website’s online performance, consider the value of human-generated content overall. Choosing the right content writers is an excellent investment for your business’s performance and your company’s bottom line. Learn more about the future of website and article writing.

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What is the Future of Content Writing in the Era of AI?

Search Engines Value E-E-A-T: experience, expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness

First, writers and website owners must understand that search engines do not like AI-generated content! Google, Bing, and other search engines want users to trust the results they get when they search. Those search engines work hard to evaluate website content, ensuring it offers valuable and authoritative content from writers who are experts on the subject matter.

Recently, Google added another “E” for “experience,” meaning they value writers who have first hand experience in the topic they’re writing about.

This new “E” in E-E-A-T guidelines acknowledges that understanding the context of a topic is just as important as having access to the right sources. Writers who have had some exposure to their topics before writing can capture nuances better than those without. They can also use their experiences for reference, which may be more relatable for the audience.

Limitations of AI Content for Substance and Engagement

However, AI-generated content often lacks substance. In many cases, AI programs simply repeat basic information they find online. Since artificial intelligence cannot understand what it scans, it can’t go into depth when creating that content. Also, AI can’t always explain the information it outputs in a way that engages the reader.

Example of AI vs. Human Content 

Consider an example of how this might work. Suppose you go online and search “foundation repair methods and their costs.” An AI-generated site might simply offer basic information about the most popular foundation repair methods. Additionally, that bot will only repeat the average costs it finds on sites like Angi.

While this information answers the basic question of how repair methods differ, it doesn’t offer much value to the reader. For instance, a bot won’t understand why a property owner might choose one method over the other. As such, they can’t recommend a quick, affordable fix versus a more durable, long-term repair solution.

On the other hand, a content writer experienced in their industry knows how to engage the reader. For example, they know which words and phrases to avoid, as well as how to help the reader visualize and experience the content in a meaningful way. They can also use language that is more likely to be understood by their target audience. Consequently, readers typically find human-generated content far more valuable than AI-written sites.

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Is There a Demand for Content Writers?

Expertise in Creating Unique Content Will be in High Demand

Demand for quality content writers is still high and should remain so for the foreseeable future. One reason is that quality content writers do more than just repeat basic information in their content. Also, a skilled content writer knows how to keep up with industry demands and stay ahead of trends.

Adapting to the Ever-Changing Content Trends

As the world of AI grows, seasoned writers will need to evolve and change with the trends. While they might not use AI for the content writing itself, they must still be knowledgeable of the latest AI tools, such as natural language processing (NLP) and natural language generation (NLG). With these tools, writing can become more efficient and effective in terms of accuracy and speed. Furthermore, writers should prepare themselves to work on multidisciplinary teams with experts in AI and other fields. In this way, they can ensure that the content they are writing reflects a holistic approach to the development of AI-related products.

Phone-Friendly Content

For example, research shows over 60% of online searchers use mobile phones to access the web. In turn, business owners must ensure their site’s appearance appeals to anyone reading it on the phone. One way to do this is with short sentences and paragraphs. Also, breaking up content with subheadings and bullet points makes a page easier to navigate.

Many content-generating programs fail to consider these simple steps. As a result, sites with AI-generated content might become overwhelming to someone reading on their phone. When this happens, they are more likely to simply click away and visit another site.

Information Targeted to the Correct Audience

Additionally, an experienced content writer often understands why a reader might be looking for certain information in the first place. That writer can explain its significance rather than just sharing basic information. Consequently, the content and website are much more valuable to the reader.

Consider another example of how this might work. Suppose someone searches online about various window styles. An experienced content writer can offer this information along with expert advice.

For instance, they might suggest installing casement windows over obstructions like bathtubs or sinks. The writer can point out that casements are easier to operate than windows that lift and lower. Understanding why someone searches for various information makes their writing valuable and engaging.

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Content Writing Trends in 2023

If you’re considering becoming a content writer, the good news is that many exciting opportunities are open to you! In addition to creating new web pages and blogs, website owners need writers to refresh existing content. Editing and polishing ensure SEO-friendly practices and outstanding reader engagement.

Writers Will Collaborate More with Podcasters and Videographers

Also, consider that podcasts are more popular than ever. However, to enjoy maximum success, podcasters need to do more than simply turn on their microphone and start talking! Many podcasters use professional content writers to create scripts or outlines.

Additionally, videographers often use content creators for scripts and marketing materials. This also ensures a professional, polished product. Consequently, content creators might create dialog for product demonstrations, short commercials, and onsite ads.

Increasing Emphasis on Visual Content and Graphics

Website owners rely more on visuals than ever before to get their point across. As such, content writers might create infographics, graphs, charts, and illustrations for their clients. Sites like Canva offer templates that make this process easier for writers overall though it can be a learning curve.

Conclusion: Choosing a Professional is Key!

Insight Writing Agency is happy to help explain the future of content writing. Hopefully, we’ve given you some valuable information. If you need expert writing that outshines AI-generated content, contact us today! Our team of experienced content writers is ready to provide authoritative, engaging pages and blogs. Our crew specializes in various industries, including repair contractors, healthcare, and real estate. Expert content helps get your website noticed while converting visitors to paying clients or customers. If you need more information or are ready for a FREE content quote, just reach out today.

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